UNC Pharmacy Photo Journey: 1923-1932

Click through this photo journey to explore the history of the School and the nation through the roaring 20s

Story by Ryan McDaniel | Published October 1, 2022

The 1922-23 Enrolled Students

Photo of the enrolled students of the 1922-23 academic year. Historical context: 1923 was the year baseball great Lou Gehrig hit the first of his 493 home runs.

UNC Basketball, 1923-26

UNC's basketball was beginning to establish itself as a powerhouse program. At that time the team played in the Southern Conference (SoCon). Between the years of 1923-1926 the Tar Heels won four SoCon regular season championships, and four SoCon tournament championships.

The 1923-1924 Enrolled Students

For the 1923-24 school year, the UNC School of Pharmacy's enrollment total was 109 students, the first time the School's enrollment reached the triple digits.

The School Moves to Pharmacy Hall

In 1925 the School moved from Person Hall to what was then named Pharmacy Hall. The building was renamed Howell Hall in 1931 after the beloved dean Edward Vernon Howell passed away the same year.

Marion Lee Jacobs Joins the School of Pharmacy

In the fall of 1926, M.L. Jacobs joined the faculty of the School as an instructor in pharmaceutical chemistry. He would later become Dean of the pharmacy school, serving from 1946-1950.

Lindbergh Flies Across the Atlantic

In May, 1927 Charles Lindbergh made the world's first solo, non-stop transatlantic flight from New York to France in the Spirit of St. Louis. The same year, the UNC School of Pharmacy celebrated its thirtieth birthday.

Penicillin Discovered

In 1928 Sir Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin when he observed Penicillium mold growing on an agar plate in his lab. This discovery, and the following decade of research on it, revolutionized the treatment of bacterial infections.

Stock Market Crash - Beginning of the Great Depression

In October, 1929 the US Stock Market crashed setting off a decade of economic depression. The University felt the effects of the depression, of course - appropriations were drastically cut, salaries reduced, and funds for equipment and maintenance dipped very low. To assist students during this difficult time, tuition scholarships were provided from the Justice Drug Co., the W.H. King Drug Co., Warren W. Horne, and the Scott Drug Co.

Rho Chi Chapter Established

In December, 1929, the Xi chapter of Rho Chi was established at UNC. Rho Chi is an honorary pharmaceutical society for the top 20% of each pharmacy class. Professor Beard, key in establishing the chapter at UNC, was made an honorary member.

National Anthem Adopted

In 1931 "The Star Spangled Banner" was officially adopted as the national anthem of the United States of America. The School of Pharmacy had been in operation for 34 years at this time.

The 1931-32 Enrolled Students

Photo of the enrolled students of the 1922-23 academic year. Historical context: 1932 was the year Amelia Earhart completed her solo, non-stop transatlantic flight.

Celebrating 125 Years of Excellence

In 2022, the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy celebrates 125 years of excellence as the nation’s top-ranked school of pharmacy by and for the people of North Carolina. Thank you for viewing this collection of photos from 1923-1932. Check back weekly for updates by decade and follow along on Facebook (@carolinapharmacystories), Instagram (@carolina pharmacy stories), and Twitter (@carolinarxstory).