Career Summit to Service

After a successful corporate career Katrina Jamison, PharmD ’06, serves patients on her own terms as an entrepreneur

Story by Carrie Creasy | Photo Credit King Street Studios | Published November 21, 2022

Upon graduation from the UNC School of Pharmacy in 2006, Katrina Jamison, PharmD, quickly put a career in motion that hasn’t slowed down. After advancing through the hierarchies of retail pharmacy at Walmart, she pursued greater impact through corporate pharmaceutical innovation. At Equiscript, LLC, Katrina led pharmacy operations focused on providing front-end patient care while creating and managing 340B home delivery pharmacy programs. At the same time, Jamison’s passion for female leadership led her to launch an adjunct business, Legend Leaders, that empowers female business owners and corporate executives. While three of her own audio programs are being turned into books, Jamison anticipates a professional return to pharmacy.

“I knew in pharmacy school I definitely wanted to serve patients, but I also knew I wanted to climb the ladder. I knew if I did that, I could serve them at the highest level.”  Having made it to the top of both the corporate and clinical ladders, Katrina is well-positioned to make her most impactful contribution yet, as pharmacist and entrepreneur.

Katrina will be partnering with Brent Munnerlyn and Hamp Manning, two past colleagues from Walmart, in the creation of My Pharmacy. Their aim is to increase healthcare outcomes of 340B patients by improving access to care through in-home clinical services. All three cooperating professionals have constantly considered who to serve next throughout their independent careers. 340B patients simultaneously represent the most underserved population and the communities needing healthcare the most. Katrina says, “Anybody can dispense medication; the complex part is providing the clinical service patients deserve. We want to be the solution.” My Pharmacy’s goal is to serve patients with compassionate care from top-notch providers, without burning out healthcare professionals.

In order to build out this unique model of care, initial efforts will be focused within the HIV space. HIV+ patients are living much longer lives and dealing with the same comorbidities of typically aging populations. Sending a pharmacist or nurse practitioner into patients’ homes to be their necessary access to care will eliminate the worries of transportation while alleviating overloaded clinics. As more than 10,000 people in the US turn 65 every day, in-home clinical care may be the distinct transition patient populations need. Katrina believes that “leaders always go first” and is committed to trailblazing in pursuit of this evolution in patient-centered care.

In gratitude for her experiences at the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy, Katrina serves as a member of the Pharmacy Alumni Association Board and the UNC – Chapel Hill Board of Visitors. She will continue to support corporate executives through Legend Leaders. “Everything I’ve learned how to do has prepared me to come back to pharmacy and serve patients at the next level.”