Phar & Wide: Global Pharmacy Scholars 2022

Sharing photos and short anecdotes from students’ international rotations

Story by Ryan McDaniel | Published January 3, 2023

Our series, Phar & Wide, follows the travels of UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy faculty, students, staff, and alumni. For this entry, we look back at the Global Pharmacy Scholar (GPS) Program students and their travels in the summer and fall of 2022.

Abigail Danos at Keio University

Meet Abigail Danos, PharmD candidate '23. She spent July at Keio University in Tokyo, Japan, where she extended her clinical knowledge with a new experience: "For one of the weeks of the rotation, I was in a hematology oncology focused lab at Keio University. I learned more about TCR-t therapy, which is less commonly used and known in the United States, and how it compares to the better-known CAR-t therapy. I will never forget my experiences from this rotation, and I hope to visit again soon one day."

Marshall Winget at Kamazu Central Hospital

This is Marshall Winget, PharmD candidate '23. He did his rotation at Kamazu Central Hospital in Lilongwe, Malawi, where he directly served the community. Here he is dispensing antiretroviral therapeutics (ART) in the Lighthouse HIV Clinic. Of the experience, he says, "We spent a few days dispensing and counseling patients on ART for HIV. This was a great opportunity to serve the community and experience the care of this patient population in Africa."

Hiking Nkhoma Mountain, Malawi

It wasn't all work for students on rotation. Marshall says, "Our weekends in Malawi were filled with exploring the culture and beautiful land of Malawi. There are nearby hikes, and the famous Lake Malawi is necessary weekend trip!"

Kylie Futrell and Aaron Roberts in Malawi

Kylie Futrell, PharmD candidate '23 and Aaron Roberts, PharmD candidate '23 at the Tidziwe Center, the primary UNC building on the Kumuzu Central Hospital campus. Of her rotation in Malawi, Kylie says, "Learning and living in Malawi is one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever done. The people were so kind and showed me the true meaning of resilience and resourceful. Malawi is nicknamed the 'Warm Heart of Africa,' and I can without a doubt say that it is fitting. My four weeks here were not long enough, but I can't wait to go back one day and work with these amazing people again!"

A Quick Pic with the Preceptor

After rounding with the pediatric oncology team, Kylie and Aaron take a moment with their preceptor, Dr. Hanna Kumwenda, to get a picture together in the oncology gardens.

Meeting Friends from Around the Globe

Kylie and Aaron with Iman, a Malawi pharmacy intern on clinical rotation with them, at the front entrance of the Kumuzu Central Hospital.

October 2022 Clinical Pharmacy Team, Malawi

Left-to-Right: Christian Brown, PharmD candidate '23, Addison Vander Linde, PharmD '23, Dr. Hanna Kumwenda, Preceptor, and Amanda Myers, PharmD candidate '23.

"This GPS rotation in Malawi has been the best experience of my pharmacy school career. I learned so much from Dr. Hanna Kumwenda about advocating for clinical pharmacy and meeting patients where they are in their care. Thank you for supporting the GPS program."
-Christian Brown

Casual Friday at Kamuzu Central Hospital

Dr. Kumwenda wears her new UNC t-shirt while checking stock in the adult wards of the hospital.

Emma Fay at Keio University

Meet Emma Fay, PharmD candidate '23. Her experience at Keio University in Tokyo, Japan brought her global connections beyond what she expected: "I absolutely loved staying in one of Keio University’s international dormitories. It was a great way to feel connected to the community, and I was able to meet other students from all over the world!"

Emma at Tokyo's National Cancer Center Hospital

Here Emma is pictured with the cyclotron at the National Cancer Center Hospital in Tokyo. "I was very grateful that our hosts made time to take a look around the nuclear medicine department after learning that this was the field I hoped to pursue a career in."

International Friends

Keio University students, Yukiko and Erika were waiting to welcome Emma Fay and Abigail Danos when they landed in Tokyo. They even made signs! Emma says, "They became friends we'll never forget."

Exploring Tokyo

Emma and Abby took a trip to Asakusa with two of the Keio students and, along the way, made a stop to see the Tokyo Skytree (the tallest structure in Japan and 3rd tallest in the world). Emma says, "The opportunity to spend time with students from Keio was one of my favorite things about my experience abroad, and I’m so thankful for the relationships we were able to build."

Keio University Hospital

GPS students spent one week of their rotation at Keio University Hospital. Emma explains, "We were able to join in on rounds with the palliative care team and learn more about roles of the pharmacist. It was a great opportunity to reflect on the similarities and differences between pharmacy practice in Japan and the US."

A Visit to the Museum

Emma and Abby visited the Daiichi Sankyo Medicine Museum. Emma recalls, "The engaging and interactive activities shared information about everything from drug discovery to pathophysiology to pharmacokinetics."

Learning Different Approaches to Medicine

Pharmacists at a community pharmacy taught GPS students about traditional Japanese Kampo medicine, including through hands-on learning by making some. "This was a truly unique opportunity to learn about an approach to disease prevention and treatment other than the western medicine we primarily use in the US and to engage with Japanese culture," Emma recalls.

Kabuki Theatre

One lunch break, Emma and Abby walked to the neighborhood of Ginza, where they paused at the landmark Kabuki-za Theatre to learn a little more about the classic Japanese performing art. Emma says, "I loved how easy it was to feel immersed in the culture just walking through the streets of Tokyo!"

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