Celebrating 125 Years of Excellence

A video commemorating our 125-year journey in advancing medicine for life

Video by BlueLine | Story by Ryan McDaniel | Published October 9, 2022

The UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy turns 125 years old in 2022. We are celebrating all year with stories from our history, highlights of our current successes, and glances into the future of the #1 School of Pharmacy in the nation. This special video celebrates 125 years of excellence by our beloved institution.

Retrospection should always be joined with prospection. Looking back does little good unless its lessons can be made into a challenge for the future. Looking ahead in terms of the School of Pharmacy I devoutly hope that when another quarter century has passed… there can be a sentiment of appreciation for making the facilities and instruction of this School the equal of any; its service extending beyond state boundaries; its schedule of study exactly suited to the needs of the next following day; its staff imbued with a will to add thorough research to the sum of pharmaceutical knowledge; and its graduates inspired to create the best within their range of possibilities. I hope, too, that is can be said that [we] never forget that the School was born out of the Association, was dedicated to the service of North Carolina first, and that the School can succeed best if behind it in hope and helpfulness is the stimulating influence of every pharmacist of the state, who can truly say, “The School at Chapel Hill is my School.”

-John Grover Beard, second Dean of the UNC School of Pharmacy