Formulary Book Club: Daring Greatly

Kim Swain, Center Administrator for SGC-UNC, has our December ’22 book recommendation

Story by Ryan McDaniel | Published December 19, 2022

Each month, the Formulary Book Club introduces a staff, student, faculty, or alumni of the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy and gets their recommendation for a great read.

This month we meet Kim Swain, Center Administrator for the UNC Structural Genomics Consortium (SGC). Kim’s Formulary Book Club recommendation is Daring Greatly by Brené Brown.

“I found the book inspiring and insightful. Brené Brown is a researcher, author, lecturer and podcast host. She has spent the last twenty years studying courage, vulnerability, shame and empathy and has written six #1 New York Times bestsellers on those subjects.”

“In Daring Greatly, she examines the relationship between vulnerability, shame and wholeheartedness. This book encourages the reader to understand themselves and others in a deeper way.  In this post-pandemic time, there is a great need for connection and belonging.  We need to treat each other and ourselves with kindness, compassion, and empathy.  This book is a gift you give yourself.”

Kim’s work with SGC-UNC covers all logistical aspects of the team, including finance, HR, facilities, event planning, and travel. She has been with the SGC team since the lab moved from GlaxoSmithKline to UNC in 2015. The SGC is a public-private partnership that performs basic science of relevance to drug discovery. All material and intellectual output of the SGC is placed in the public domain for use without restriction. The UNC lab is the first and only US site of the SGC.

Prior to coming to UNC, Kim lived in Vermont for 40 years where she raised her family of three children. She worked for Continental Airlines, then became a physician recruiter for the Department of Surgery at the University of Vermont. After Kim’s grandchildren were born in the Chapel Hill area, she decided she wanted to watch them grow. So, she relocated to North Carolina.

Outside of work, Kim enjoys hiking, cooking, traveling, reading, and spending time with friends.

Thank you, Kim, for a great book recommendation!