Phar & Wide: Global Pharmacy Scholars, Fall ’22 – Spring ’23

Sharing photos and short anecdotes from students’ international rotations

Story by Ryan McDaniel | Published April 18, 2023

Our series, Phar & Wide, follows the travels of UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy faculty, students, staff, and alumni. For this entry, we look back at the Global Pharmacy Scholar (GPS) Program students and their travels in the fall of 2022 and spring of 2023.

A Thanksgiving in Malawi

Sophia Nies, PharmD candidate '23 shares the story of a Thanksgiving that didn't exactly go as planned. Everyone had gathered in the UNC guesthouse for a Thanksgiving dinner, when a rainstorm knocked out power. "We pulled the turkey out [of the oven] to see how cooked it was and saw that it was still pretty raw on the inside," she shares. "Then, after some panic and feeling doomed, we decided to throw the turkey on the barbecue with the help of the guards. Thankfully the rain let up to a light drizzle so we were able to finish cooking the turkey and have a lovely Thanksgiving dinner, Malawi style."

International Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Awareness Week Symposium

Sophia attended the International Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Awareness Week Symposium in Lilongwe, Malawi, along with Kennedy Concannon, PharmD candidate '23, and Country Director, Hanna Kumwenda. There, they learned of Malawi's research efforts on AMR. "Many of the participants asked very insightful questions which showed me how invested everyone was on this topic," Sophia recalls. "I also appreciated how much the impact of antibiotic use in agriculture was included in their discussion, which is often left out of AMR topics at home."

International Discussion on Pharmacy Practice

Valeria Laboy Collazo, PharmD candidate '23 (second from right), enjoyed her GPS rotation at University College London (UCL). "This is a picture with one of our preceptors, Dr. Josephine Falade," she says. "We had the opportunity to talk to the CPIPP cohort, which is the MSc clinical pharmacy, international practice and policy, about pharmacy practice in the United States!"

Exploring the City of London

Students at an outdoor market during some free time on rotation at University College London (UCL). Photo submitted by Sissy Owusu-Addo, PharmD candidate '23 (right).

The School of Pharmacy at UCL

Students at the entrance to the UCL School of Pharmacy. Left: Sissy Owusu-Addo, PharmD candidate '23. Right: Belyin Gutierrez, PharmD candidate '23.

The Queen Victoria Market

Students on rotation at Monash University School of Pharmacy in Melbourne, Australia visit the Queen Victoria Market. "It's a giant seasonal night market full of shopping and food vendors in the heart of Melbourne," explains Sitong Shu, PharmD candidate '23 (front).

Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk

Students made the 3-mile hike along the beaches and cliffs of Sydney.

The Iconic Sydney Opera House

A ferry ride through Sydney Harbor offered the perfect chance to get a group shot with the mesmerizing Sydney Opera House.

Moonlit Sancuary

Sitong met a friendly free roaming kangaroo at a tour of the Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park just outside Melbourne.

Local Rowing Friends

Sitong met these Aussie rowers after a sunset row along the Yarra River in Melbourne.

Touring Monash

Kaci Toth, PharmD candidate '23 (middle), shared this pic of her and fellow GPS students at the sign for Monash University's Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences department during a tour of the university.

A Visit to Phillip Island

Kaci shares about travels during rotations at Monash. "We went on a bus tour of Phillip Island to see the penguins come in from the ocean at dusk and get back to their nests. This a stop just before Phillip Island that had a great view of the coast and we could see some penguin nests in the hills along the coast!"

International Experiences

"Two Monash students were able to take us on the tour and had lunch together afterward where we shared our experience in pharmacy school in the US and they shared their experience at Monash!" - Kaci Toth

Healesville Sanctuary

GPS students visited the Healesville Sanctuary northeast of Melbourne to see Australian Wildlife. Kaci stopped for a picture with the sign. "They had some beautiful mosaic signs in the sanctuary that I got a picture with wearing the Monash University sweatshirts that they gave us on the tour," she says.

Last Day of Rotations

On her last day of rotations at The Alfred, a hospital in Melbourne, Kaci got a farewell picture with the hospital's sign, redesigned in 2021 to promote inclusivity. Kaci was very considerate about this pic, "I didn't want to get a picture with the hospital in the background and potentially get patients in there, so this was the best I got with the Alfred."

Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia

Julian Garcia, PharmD candidate '23, did his GPS rotation at Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia. Here, Julian (top row, second from left) stands with fellow student Kaleab Worku, PharmD candidate '23 (right); preceptor, Kaitlyn Buhlinger; PGY2 oncology pharmacy residents Erin Dark, Hailey Hirata, Callee Brooks, and Mandee Lines; and the UNC/GSK fellow JB Collins.

A Trip to Entonto Park

"The group took a day trip over to Entoto Park," explains Julian. "We were able to enter an incredibly old Ethiopian church, drink delicious coffee, ride a couple of horses, and even go ziplining."

Lunch at Entoto Park

Julian cooked injera for the group during their visit to Entoto Park. Here he is seasoning it with oil and spices.

Finding Connections

Benyam Muluneh, PharmD '10, Assistant Professor in the Division of Pharmacotherapy and Experimental Therapeutics (left) and student Kaleab Worku, sit together on stairs with reference to their family's tribe, Gurage.

Tesfa Addis Parents Childhood Cancer Organization (TAPCCO)

Kaleab entertains some of the pediatric cancer patients at TAPCCO. "We all came to this location to spend time with the children and their families, as well as to support them by purchasing beautiful handmade baskets and woven kitchen trivets," explains Julian.

Friendship Park

"This was at beautiful Friendship Park in Addis Ababa where we had an amazing view of the city, ate some tasty food, and learned more about the history of the tribes of people who reside in Addis Ababa." - Julian Garcia

Capital Cultural Restaurant

The group enjoys local cuisine and companionship at the Capital Culture Restaurant in Addis Ababa.

One Last Group Photo

"The group finished the Pediatric Oncology Registry project with the physicians, pharmacists, nurses, and IT specialists at Tikur Anbessa Specialized Hospital (TASH), and took a picture outside of the building." - Julian Garcia

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