Formulary Book Club: The End of Bias

Bill Hathaway, MD, FACC, CEO of Mountain Area Health Education Center has our July ’23 book recommendation

Story by Ryan McDaniel | Published July 25, 2023

Bill Hathaway sits in his home library holding the book "The End of Bias"

Each month, the Formulary Book Club introduces a staff, student, faculty, or alumni of the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy and gets their recommendation for a great read.

This month we meet Bill Hathaway, MD, FACC, Chief Executive Officer for Mountain Area Health Education Center (MAHEC). Bill’s Formulary Book Club recommendation is The End of Bias: A Beginning by Jessica Nordell.

Cover of the book In The End of Bias, Jessica Nordell takes an unflinching look at implicit bias, both through real-world examples and cognitive science and social psychology. Her exploration of implicit bias crosses from workplace etiquette to education, policing, and health care. Jessica was compelled to explore the subject matter after a dear friend of hers died from metastatic colon cancer with a delayed diagnosis due to what Jessica felt was implicit bias. Jessica’s book asserts that biased behavior can be changed and outlines approaches on how “we can begin to remake ourselves and our world.”

“I found the book exceptionally engaging and thought provoking,” says Bill. “I’m more often a fan of fiction than non-fiction, but this proved to be a welcome exception.” In fact, the MAHEC team chose the book as MAHEC’s inaugural “Book of the Year,” part of their effort to foster community through a shared reading and learning experience.

“We used text with great success as part of our new intern orientation and have encourage all at MAHEC not only to read the book, but to engage in conversations about the subject matter,” Bill explains. “MAHEC has long prided itself on community and culture and what better way to enhance both than with a shared journey through the continuous adventure of a book.”

MAHEC, located in Asheville, was established in 1974 to improve training and retention of healthcare professionals across Western North Carolina. It is home to UNC Health Sciences at MAHEC, which brings together UNC’s schools of dentistry, medicine, public health, and, of course, the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy.

Bill Hathaway joined MAHEC in February, 2022. “[I was] drawn to the educational mission of MAHEC,” he says. “and to the commitment to serve the most in need.” Prior to joining MAHEC, he practiced cardiology for 20 years and served as the Chief Medical Officer of Mission Health. A native of Wisconsin, Bill has lived in Asheville since 1999 with his wife, Sharon, whom he met at Duke during their training in internal medicine.

Man and todler at the steering wheel of a speed boat on a lakeOutside of his work with MAHEC, Bill enjoys many of the outdoor activities the Blue Ridge Mountains have to offer – hiking with his family and dogs, kayaking the local rivers and marshes, and playing golf. A year ago, Bill became a grandfather, and simply “can’t get enough time” with his grandson, Declan.

Thank you, Bill, for the book recommendation!